Native App

Article provided by: Atimi Software Inc.

Native App

The best native app developer of today is ATIMI. Everything about our service, from the way we structure our contracts to the elements we use in app development (and everything in-between), is designed to give our clients the best products and services possible. We understand what makes a great native app, and our experience and expertise puts us ahead of the curve within the app development industry.

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Why Build an App?

Now is the time to build! Currently, more than 90% of all Americans between the ages of 19 and 50 own a smartphone. Yet, less than one-quarter of businesses have a mobile app. As recently as 2014, a business might have seen only 10% of its website’s traffic coming through mobile. Now, it’s more than 70%.

Within the next couple of years, most businesses will consider building a mobile app. But aside from popular demand, why create an app? The bottom line is your bottom line.

Native Apps Increase Sales

Being visible to customers at all times is the best way to boost sales. A good native app can facilitate quick checkout for a purchase, leading to sales increases. Apps provide a more convenient way for customers to browse and shop, allowing customers to make purchases from anywhere.

Improve Stickiness

An installed app can create a direct marketing channel, which makes your information more readily available, literally at your customer’s fingertips. More than any other platform or device, apps on mobile devices are much better for user retention and engagement. Because the app is always on the Home screen of your customer’s smartphone, you’ll have a direct channel to communicate new sales, products, events, and more!

Better Compete within Your Marketplace

With a native app, your company will be much better suited to compete within your niche or industry. This is especially true of customer-facing businesses. At ATIMI, we create apps that keep our clients’ customers interacting. Obviously, the more customers are interacting with your app, the more likely they are to make purchases.

Which Elements are Crucial for Any Native App?

Push notifications are one of the most substantial benefits of apps. These are the messages that pop up on your smartphone. The beautiful part about push notifications is that the user doesn’t have to be using the app to receive them. These notifications appear just like text messages on their smartphones, and they only go out to individuals who have installed your app.

Social networking is another huge advantage that mobile apps provide. ATIMI can develop apps that allow for inter-user interactions and social sharing. This sort of interaction will create a community or tribe for your brand. Plus, as more users share your message, you are essentially getting free advertising.

ATIMI also believes that personalization is another key element of the best apps. That is why we develop apps that allow users to customize their notifications and favorites.