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motorcycle boots CalgaryIf you’re going to ride a bike, do it in safety, comfort and style. You get all those things when you ride in Stampede Boot & Clothing Company motorcycle boots. In Calgary, find us at 5327 53rd Avenue. Of course, we also stock and sell a wide range of motorcycle helmets, protective gear and accessories.

In the Schuller study that was conducted in Germany in 1986, statistics proved that riders who suffered an accident while wearing boots, helmets and other protective clothing spent significantly fewer days in the hospital than riders who were not wearing boots, leathers and helmets. Protected riders were also found to be forty percent less likely to suffer a permanent physical defect than riders who were not wearing motorcycle boots. In Calgary, biker boots are not only effective foot protection for motorcycle riders, they can also be a snappy fashion statement. The Schuller study concluded that protective clothing was highly effective in preventing or reducing by at least forty percent injuries to the skin and soft tissue as well as sixty three percent of deep and extensive injuries.

In the event of a motorcycle collision or crash, no existing safety equipment offers protection comparable to a FMVSS 218 compliant helmet. Unhelmeted motorcyclists are three times as likely to suffer a brain injury than helmeted motorcyclists. Motorcyclists who do sustain fatal injuries while wearing a compliant helmet typically have additional fatal injuries. The efficacy of a FMVSS compliant helmet is rarely considered a reason for serious injury or death. When you’re ready to see a fine selection of helmets, leathers and motorcycle boots in Calgary, visit Stampede Boot & Clothing Company at 5327 53rd Avenue near the junction of 53rd Avenue and MacLeod Trail. We stock and sell every kind of belt, buckle and boot you want, in sizes for everyone including hard to fit, narrow, and extra widths. You are welcomed to call 403.252.2212 for store hours and driving directions. motorcycle boots Calgary