Laboratory Freezers

Laboratory Freezers

Do you always know where you kept your research samples? Most of us dread the thought of having to hack through frost, broken glass, old samples, and the latest additions. You do not have to go through the process again when you have the right inventory protocol.

How to organize your laboratory freezers


This style is the most basic form of arranging items in an orderly manner. The only important factor is your commitment to keeping an updated inventory. You may have to separate different sections in a shared fridge or use different colors or markers for the containers.

Labeling keeps the items separate even when they have a covering of with frost. Vinyl Sleeve will retain its visibility under extreme conditions such as low temperatures and high moisture.


Lab products can be highly reactive when they are not in the right order.


It will be easier to pick out an enzyme from a group of enzymes than to try and sort it out among samples. Assign a description to each container and group them in one place in the freezer.

Use one shelf at a time

This procedure will be beneficial when you are trying to organize a freezer in complete disarray. You will have a calm mind state when you have to sort out one single shelf at a time instead of starting anew with an empty fridge. This option will also give you the ability to work with the small reserves in the refrigerator. It would be easier to use this method before starting the defrost process.

Use of holders

You will the ultimate peace of mind when you select bigger containers to hold the smaller tubes. Square shaped ones will fit better than round ones because they align with the edges of the fridge. Using containers in laboratory freezers will also give you the flexibility to stack containers on top of one another. Utilize the removable shelf of refrigerators from Freezer Concept to improve the organization.  

Use of turntables

Utilize turntables to insert tubes of different groupings. The lab chest freezers and undercount freezers in our store freezers have enough shelves to hold the turntables in an orderly form.

Use of boxes

Flat-topped boxes with a small height are perfect for stocking up a significant number of airtight samples. You can place one box on top of the other and label the outward-facing side with the names of the contents within.  

Understand the anatomy of each freezer

Our freezers will give you different storage capabilities. Our undercount freezer has four shelves and a volume of five cubic feet. There is a smaller sized version that is more portable for outdoor medical projects.

Both of these freezers will fit bigger containers than the countertop, which is 1.7 cubic feet in volume. The chest freezer has the most significant volume allocation with a limit of up to twenty cubic feet in capacity. It will offer more substantial storage for the most significant size of containers in your lab.



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